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64 bit USB Windows Driver for Palm/Garnet OS

Updated On 3/2/2012 12:00
Version 1.0
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Category Drivers
License Aceeca Software License


IMPORTANT: Aceeca does not provide any support for setting up these drivers with any device not manufactured by Aceeca.

These 64-bit USB drivers are provided free of charge to the entire community of those who use Palm/Garnet OS device and if you own a device not manufactured by Aceeca, then you are welcome to try these drivers free of charge. However, we do not guarantee that they will work for all Palm/Garnet devices.

There is a written instruction document enclosed in the download that will show you how to manually install the drivers in Windows 7 64-bit systems. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION DOCUMENT IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED AND EXTRACTED THE FILES.

If you know of other Windows 64-bit operating systems that these drivers work on, then please let us know.

If you already own an Aceeca device and are having issues installing this driver after following the enclosed instructions, then please submit a support ticket

Disclaimer: Aceeca does provide any guarantee that these drivers will work with your non-Aceeca Palm/Garnet PDA and Aceeca accepts no liability if you choose to download and use these drivers.

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